Column wireframes. Volumetric wireframes

Column wireframes. Volumetric wireframesMost types of construction work involve the use of reinforcing wireframes. Of course, it would seem, that such a simple design can be made directly on the construction site using reinforcement and reinforcement clamps. However, by acquiring ready-made volumetric wireframes, you get not only guaranteed quality from the manufacturer (and we cooperate only with reliable partners that provide high product rates), but also a number of additional advantages:

  • Exclusion of theft on the construction site. Full-scale volumetric wireframes represent a single system of interconnected components, where each element is firmly connected to the others and, at the same time, together they have a rather large weight;
  • Strength and reliability. Even the most advanced equipment used on the construction site will not be able to guarantee the level of quality of processing products that is provided at the manufacturer's factory;
  • Efficiency of work. Avoiding the need of welding at the construction site, you can save up to 30% of the working time;
  • When using ready-made volumetric wireframes, the amount of waste in the production is significantly reduced, which also allows to increase savings up to 20%;
  • If you need to weld the fittings during the construction process, you will need the appropriate highly qualified personnel, training or hiring of which can also have a negative impact on your costs. With the installation of the ready-to-use wireframe, any worker can easily cope with this task.

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Column wireframes. Volumetric wireframesColumn wireframes. Volumetric wireframesColumn wireframes. Volumetric wireframes

We offer volumetric wireframes in accordance with your projects and documentation, which implies an individual approach to each client and the selection of optimal design parameters. In the shortest time, we will be able to provide you with the required quantity of final products of rolled metal with a guarantee of quality and durability of the structure. And wholesale prices for such a commonly used component will reduce the already high construction costs.

As a pleasant bonus we have an option of delivery throughout the territory of Belarus, taking into account flexible system of discounts for our customers.