Cylindrical wireframe piles

Cylindrical wireframe pilesAmong the products of rolled metal wireframe piles occupy not the last place in importance and popularity. We offer high-strength metal products that can be used for working with foundations and other structures, making them much more reliable and resistant to various loads. Clear evidence is the confirmation of the quality of a special declaration of compliance with the requirements issued by the Research and Production Republican Unitary Enterprise "Stroytechnorm".

Speaking of cylindrical wireframes, it is important to note the nuances of their production:

  1. As the main structural components of the design, there are strong and elastic rods, which are welded together into a single system;
  2. Special building fixtures "wind" on the rods in a spiral, thus forming a cylindrical wireframe. As for the material itself, in most cases it's about the A500 and A240 fittings.

It is proved that this method of making pile wireframes is both the most effective and least expensive. In this case, at the manufacturing plants with which we cooperate directly, tests are regularly carried out and new developments that improve the basic parameters of the finished metal are introduced.

The accuracy of the parameters is provided by the use of pre-prepared and detailed drawings, and the manufacturing process itself takes place on the most modern equipment.

More specific characteristics of wireframe piles are determined by the requirements of customers. It is about the size and proportions of the product. For our part, we offer the minimum and maximum parameters of the diameter of the entire wireframe, as well as individual components (welded in a spiral armature, rod armature), length and weight. As a result, you can avoid further additional costs.

Product Certificates

Cylindrical wireframe pilesCylindrical wireframe pilesCylindrical wireframe piles

Our equipment allows in automatic mode to produce cylindrical wireframes of the following characteristics:

Diameter of the wireframe, max.

200 mm

Diameter of the wireframe, min.

1100 mm

Maximum wireframe length

12 m

Diameter of the wireframe welded in a spiral

6-16 mm

Diameter of the rod wireframe

8-32 mm

Maximum wireframe weight

2000 kg


By purchasing our metal products, you also get the opportunity of prompt and cost-effective delivery to any point in Belarus. Thus, you do not have to look for a carrier on the side, who would agree to transport such a dimensional and specific material. And we, in turn, will be happy to offer you a flexible system of discounts on our transportation services.

Cylindrical wireframe pilesCylindrical wireframe pilesCylindrical wireframe piles