Reinforcement clamps

Reinforcement clampsReinforcing wireframes for the foundation perform the most important function, making the entire structure more stable, durable, reliable and safe. And, of course, every single component of the wireframe is important and irreplaceable in its own way.

In order to maintain compactness and wireframe parameters, special reinforcement clamps are used, installed from the outside of the rods of the structure and preventing them from bulging under the influence of serious loads. With their help, you can easily form a spatial design of the necessary parameters and dimensions.

In fact, clamps are quite simple staple bending products, which, if desired, can be made by your own efforts. However, wholesale purchase will not only give you the best prices, but also significantly reduce time and effort. Finally, final clamps from the manufacturer will have high quality and reliability indicators, which can hardly be guaranteed with own production.

Thus, reinforcement clamps have several advantages:

  • Reduction of costs. As an illustrative example: manufacturing of clamps directly on the construction site will take quite a lot of time, which will also affect the higher costs of hired labor. In addition, to transport such small-sized products, you do not have to hire a special long-distance vehicle (if necessary, you can also use our delivery service in Belarus);
  • Simplicity of installation. With the help of reinforcement clamps you can easily form the spatial wireframe of any parameter. At the same time, it should be noted that there is practically no waste during the installation of products;
  • Individual approach. We provide clamps from the fittings of any size, shape and quantity you need. And even if there is no one model available, thanks to a simple and quick manufacturing process, we will be able to promptly provide you with the required amount of material.


Considering the fact that reinforcement clamps are one of the most frequently used components for forming the wireframe, their wholesale purchase at favorable prices will definitely be at your disposal.


Also we have a large assortment of metal products (channels, fittings, profile pipes, etc.). The goods can be bought both wholesale and retail.

Reinforcement clampsReinforcement clampsReinforcement clamps