Reinforcing bar. Commodity fittings

In the course of construction work, it is often necessary to use reinforcing bars. Moreover, it is one of the most frequently used components, allowing to strengthen the foundation of any building and structure.

The way of metal processing for the production of commodity fittings depends on the specific parameters of the feedstock:

  • with a diameter of the rods up to 14 mm (most often they are completed in coils), it is more advisable to use correctly cutting machines;
  • bars of greater thickness are processed by using a whole complex of automatic cutting;
  • before the wireframes are formed from the rods, they pass through the procedure of bending performed on special modern bending machines.

Advantages of buying commodity fittings

By purchasing ready-made reinforcing bars for certain construction works, you save time, money and material due to the following product characteristics:

1. Commodity fittings installation doesn’t require specially trained personnel, and this fact reduces labor costs;

2. There are no wastes when installing, so you can reduce your material costs up to 15-20%;

3. Simplicity of manufacturing of a material and use of the hi-tech equipment allows to make commodity fittings of any forms and sizes according to individual requirements of concrete customers. Delivery in this case is carried out in the shortest time (especially in comparison with the duration of the process of creating reinforcing bars on your own directly on the construction site).

Apply to «PKD-Steel»

The «PKD-Steel» project guarantees high quality and durability of products that are supplied directly from the manufacturer, and this fact, among other things, positively affects the price. There is also our own production, especially for reinforcement clamps and ready-made wireframes.

The process of delivery of metal products (in most cases, it is necessary in a fairly large amount) is facilitated by having our own vehicles. As a result, you get rid of the need to search and hire a carrier, and we, in turn, offer our customers a pleasant bonus in the form of a flexible system of transportation discounts.

Buying reinforcing bars and other irreplaceable construction materials in "PKD-Steel", you get excellent quality at an affordable price.