Reinforcing mesh

Reinforcing meshConstruction work of any complexity is almost impossible without the use of metal products. In particular, if we are talking about reinforced concrete structures of a linear type, without a reinforcing mesh.

Speaking about this product, it is important to pay attention directly to the process of reinforcing mesh production, which, among other things, is also distinguished by a favorable price for wholesale purchases. The basis of the design is metal rods of different length and diameter, combined into a single system by means of contact welding. The factory production process and the use of the newest technologies in the manufacture of reinforcing mesh in Minsk guarantee the quality and durability of this metal product.

Advantages of welded reinforcing mesh purchasing

Among other things, you also get additional benefits in the form of:

  • the possibility of a simple and quick installation without the involvement of outside workers;
  • variability of final products. You can buy reinforcing mesh of various diameters and shapes, depending on the design estimates and features of construction works. Thus, there are models of different diameters (including the diameter of longitudinal and transverse rods), the pitch of longitudinal and transverse rods, the length and width;
  • quality from the manufacturer. All our products meet the strictest standards.

Our equipment allows the production of reinforcing bars with the following characteristics:


from 300 to 3000 mm


from 6000 mm

Pitch of longitudinal rods

from 75 mm

Pitch of transverse rods

from 50 mm

Diameter of longitudinal rods

6-25 mm

Diameter of transverse rods

6-16 mm

Product Certificates

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Features of cooperation

Cooperation with «PKD-Steel» will provide you with not only proven quality and reliability, but also an affordable pricing policy based on direct contact with the manufacturing plants, as well as on the availability of our own production.

Also you can buy a reinforcement mesh in Minsk with the possibility of delivery in regions. This opportunity not only saves additional time and effort on the search for a carrier willing to transport such an oversized material (especially taking into account the size of the wholesale order), but also significantly reduces this expense item. The fact is that we offer a pleasant system of discounts for transportation services for our customers.

Applying to the company "PKD-Steel", you get not only an individual approach, but also a consultation of our specialists, which will help you choose an optimal for each case variant of metal rolling for reinforcing of this or that design.